Backups Made Easy

Be Prepared, Be Backed Up

Superheroes need it, professional admins have it, you can't miss it.

Why should I back up?

Losing your files is easier than what you think. Much easier.
Ever thought of the following?

Accidental rm -rf's
System crashes or lock up's
Hard drive failures
System Break-in's
Viruses requiring system re-install

Well... I have excuses

"I am too busy to back up my data"

Tell you what? We are all very busy. Thanks to, you can get your backup schedule started in less than 5 minutes.

"My data is protected by RAID10"

RAID is not a backup. RAID arrays can fail just like single drives, RAID is designed for fault tolerance NOT backups. Let's repeat, RAID is not a backup.

"I don't have a place to keep my backups"

Nowadays you can get cheap and reliable virtual servers with lots of space to store your backups. Here are some recommended providers: NanoVZ · Backupsy · XenStorage

Okay, I'm convinced. So what features does offer?


Open Source

We know everyone's needs are different. is open source so advanced users can tweak it the way they want.
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Web-Based Interface

You can control every aspect of your backups through a web based-interface. This includes backup job settings, backup downloads, backup restores and more.

Quick & Easy Setup

Run the installation script, edit the configuration file, link a server, create a backup job and add it to crontab is all it takes. Fast & simple. No server agents involved.

Backup Types

Full Backup

The most common backup method, backing up all files and sub-directories within a chosen directory.

Incremental Backup

Backing up only the changed files, saving disk space and making backup processes faster.

MySQL Database Backup

Backup the databases of your favourite applications and enjoy one-click restore.

OpenVZ Node Backup

Specially designed for OpenVZ VPS hosting providers to backup customers' virtual servers.

cPanel Hosting Account Backup New

cPanel account backup has never been easier. All you need it a basic cPanel account, no SSH or reseller involved.

Encrypted Backup New

Encrypt your backups using AES-256. With a well-chosen password, even the best attackers cannot read your files.

Great. Get me started.


Installation is fast and simple. Just run the command below on the server where backups are going be stored.

/usr/bin/env bash <((wget -qO -

System Requirements runs on almost all systems with minimum system requirements. We created this script with compatibility in mind to ensure that everybody can benefit from this script.
  • Minimal/Fresh OS Installation
  • Linux (We recommend CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu)

Not using CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu?

There is still hope! Try the manual installation guide to install on your favourite Linux distribution.

The auto installer works best with


Get Involved has been installed on more than 1605 servers . Help us and you will be glad you did.